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Changing the rules


Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging Systems (IVUS) give doctors an inside look at blocked vessels so stents can be placed to increase coronary blood flow. Cath labs are crowded, technical places. Every inch of room makes a difference. Built-in systems are costly and cart-based systems are hard to upgrade. Boston Scientific wanted the best of both worlds. They asked us to make a complex technology easy to upgrade and easy to use.

“In markets like Tokyo, systems like iLab move from one hospital to another every day.”

We started by exploring options. Should we build technology into the walls? Should we float the display on a ceiling boom? Should the printer be remote? Should the system be portable or installed? What does the market want? Everything.

We mapped surgical workflow, defined physical limits and interviewed users. It is hard to ask a hospital to build a new room before they can use your technology. To keep things simple, we focused on a cart-based solution that could roll in or out of a hospital quickly. In markets like Tokyo, systems like iLab move from one hospital to another every day.

Previous generations of technology used custom circuit boards and power supplies. ILab broke new ground by using proven components to reduce the cost of care. ILab makes a complex procedure simple with a streamlined user interface and physical workflow. To reduce clutter, we routed cables internally and fitted components into assigned spaces. We put everything a doctor needs in easy reach. We gave the display a full 320 degrees of rotation for shared reference.

We changed the way complex systems are delivered. Final assembly and configuration happen at the point of use. Monitors, printers, power supplies and carts are shipped to customers for final assembly. We included a custom cable harness so all a technician has to do is plug it in, turn it on and test it. This design approach saves resources and money for everyone-including patients. Fewer parts travel less distance and a complete packaging cycle is eliminated. Less material and energy are consumed in production. And, the modular design means components can be easily upgraded over time.

ILab reinforced Boston Scientific's reputation for innovation and quality. By building around pretested components, ILab delivers sophisticated care at a new, low cost. We changed the rules to provide better care at a lower cost.

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