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Love and trust


As the market for patient monitors matured, Mindray looked for new ways to make its technology easier to use. Roll stands were a pain point for customers so Mindray asked us to turn a nuisance into an advantage.

"As technology advantages level out, the user experience becomes a source of competitive advantage."

We started by listening and observing. Most people thought this market was too stable and too price-sensitive for meaningful innovation. We knew we could find a way. We wanted something nurses would love and trust. Our challenge was to build in durability without giving up emotional appeal or cost. We rethought every aspect of a roll stand. We modified the geometry of a conventional chair base for a larger toe envelope, better ergonomics and a more inviting look.

We performed "Goldilocks" testing and fine-tuned the weight of the base to get the feel just right. We made cleaning easier by molding the bin in translucent Lexan instead of painted wire and nurses loved the change. We angled the upright to give the stand a dynamic, nimble look. Since the way a monitor mounts is important, we developed a "one-touch" release that lets a nurse quickly remove a monitor for transport.

Mindray is a newcomer competing against giants – Siemens, GE and Philips. The roll stands simplify workflow, streamline training and make a nurse's job easier. They also look like something that will help, not hurt. Sales have increased and service issues have gone away. Behind the numbers, the designs did something more. They established Mindray's reputation for making the delivery of care a little bit easier.

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