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Making connections


HDX is a telepresence system that connects doctors with patients over distances that could take days to cover. By using technology to transmit patient information, HDX lets doctors serve more patients.

What started as a technology-driven idea quickly focused on people. Once Polycom decided it could transmit high fidelity image and sound, everyone started to think about people. Would patients be at ease? Could doctors reassure them? How could we make conversations between doctors and patients more comfortable and natural?

“No one wants to see their doctor struggle.”

We started by using common sense and by keeping everything as small as possible. With ninety seven feet of cabling and fourteen separate components, it took patience and trial and error to squeeze everything into a footprint the size of an office chair.

We routed the cables internally to eliminate clutter and to reduce patient anxiety. We added height adjustment so patients and doctors can see eye-to-eye. We positioned the microphone where it would do the most good and we created a home for the remote control so patients would never see their doctor struggle to find it. No one wants to see their doctor struggle.

We started with a jumble of technology and ended with a cart friendly enough for a patient see a doctor instead of a screen.

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